Mission 828

It’s obviously no secret that Dubai is one of the most innovative cities around the globe. Compared to other destinations one can say that Dubai is always one step ahead when it comes to infrastructure or technology. The country is also one of the top pioneers of global innovation in tourism.

One of the most visited sights in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa built by Emaar Properties. With its 189 floors and 828m in height it is the tallest building in the world and therefore it is nearly impossible to miss as it characterizes Dubai’s skyline like nothing else.

One of the latest innovations is the project “Mission 828” which was launched recently and creates an extravagant VR-adventure at the top of Burj Khalifa.

“Mission 828” can be experienced through Six VR Pods which are installed at Level 125 and 124, where the user will experience the real-feel of what it is like to ascend and descend the tower in an absolutely exciting way. The simulation starts with an elevator ride up to the 160th floor but the journey is roughly interrupted as a mission commander will appear and inform you about a secret mission your involved about a cyber-attack, which puts you in a position of a spy.

While you are on your way up it will feel like you are genuinely going upward as the pods can perfectly simulate this feeling. Once you reached the top you will even feel real wind which makes the experience even more immersive. The tracking system and the VIVE’s handheld controllers give the user the opportunity to roam a three dimensional space where interaction with several of your surroundings is possible.

The tour’s highlight is something else, though. As soon as you have had enough of watching Dubai’s beautifully done digital skyline you grab a parachute and jump. You will fall nearly all the way down until it is your target to land safely in the middle of one of the fountains at ground level which must be one of the most spectacular VR thrills ever.

With an entrance fee of about 30€ you can visit the Burj Khalifa and for an additional fee of around 8€ you enter one of the VR-Pods to experience this adventurous 4-minute-experience.

“Mission 828” is a fascinating example how Virtual Reality can be applied in the tourism industry, especially to make the visit of sights and attractions even more attractive for visitors. The Burj Khalifa itself is a must-see for every tourist in Dubai, which has now been topped with a memorable and breath taking experience. The combination of an analogue experience and the implementation of a simulation, which offers you the access to a virtual world, promises great growth and adaption potential for many other touristic sights worldwide.

Imagine the Colosseum in Rome for example. Enjoy its ancient beauty followed by a VR-experience whereby you get a feeling of how it was being part of this Roman Culture 2000 years ago. Standing in the middle of the applauding crowd and watching the emperor in its cabin waving before the games begin.

“Mission 828” gives us a glimpse on what is and will be possible in the near future. This innovation could be an inspiration for touristic destinations on how to make staggering and famous sights even more attractive.




Source: https://www.inition.co.uk/case_study/vr-experience-top-burj-khalifa/


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