Prof. Dr. Roman Egger is head of the eTourism department and responsible for the coordination of all courses, projects, conferences, publications etc. He connects all the eTourism activities at the University.

Booking via VR?

Amadeus, one of the big Global-Distribution-Systems (GDS), tries to look deep into the future. It’s subsidary company Navitaire introduced the first “Virtual Reality Search and Booking Experience”. The user interacts with VR-glasses and special gloves and selects the desired destination on a virtual globe. Users can search for flights, car-rentals…

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We wish you…..

Dear colleagues, friends and readers of our blog. 2016 was an amazing year for VR. We started our blog early this year and became the most popular channel for VR in Tourism within months. Thank you for reading, for your feedback and your support. We wish you all a merry…

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