Julia discovered her interest in the field of eTourism during her master program at UoAS Salzbug. She is fascinated how fast technology develops and finds its way to tourism. Julia wrote her master thesis on the topic of "Virtual Reality as a tool to trigger emotions in tourism marketing" and investigated the impact of VR with subjective as well as objective measurements.

Followup: Statistics about VR

Shortly after we wrote about Statistics about VR in travel and tourism, Greenlight VR released their latest statistics about VR in the 2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Adoption Report. For the purpose of the study, almost 1,300 U.S. consumers got surveyed. The report deals with topics such as experiences and attitudes towards…

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Space travel with VR

Have you ever dreamed about traveling to space? For a lot of people this is one of the biggest dreams. However, various restrictions such as financial resources, health conditions or simply the fact that it is not possible/available yet to travel to space make the realization of that dream  impossible. This is where…

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VR Gorilla

Yes, another player who creates VR content 😉 Today we are introducing you to VR Gorilla. Under the motto “We want to take you places you have never been” VR Gorilla creates VR experiences. The company is based in the Netherlands and started their way into VR in May 2015. They…

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