Julia Beck

Julia discovered her interest in the field of eTourism during her master program at UoAS Salzbug. She is fascinated how fast technology develops and finds its way to tourism. Julia wrote her master thesis on the topic of "Virtual Reality as a tool to trigger emotions in tourism marketing" and investigated the impact of VR with subjective as well as objective measurements.

TDCV 2017 in Munich

On March 6th we attended the TDCV 2017 – the Trend Day Corporate Video 2017 in Munich, organized by the CTVA – Corporate TV & Video Association e.V. The overall topic was “VR/AR & 360° video – straw fire or success factor? Storytelling, worlds of experiences and value added”.  The…

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Mars 2117 in VR

Traveling to the galaxy and discovering the universe has always been of special interest for humanity. It is interesting to see, how different companies combine the topic of space travel and Virtual Reality. There are companies who work on using VR as a substitute for real space travel, whereas others apply VR as…

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New section: Research

The VR in tourism research group would like to welcome you to the new year with the introduction of our new section: Research. In this section you will find information about our own research, which includes term papers and theses as well as different projects. The first piece of work we…

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VR Summit Salzburg

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences hosts the first VR Summit Salzburg 2016 that takes place on 5th of October. The event starts at 2 pm and offers besides different speeches and panels also various exhibitions. The summit is characterized by its’ interdisciplinary program – the main topics being VR and entertainment, VR and health…

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Followup: Statistics about VR

Shortly after we wrote about Statistics about VR in travel and tourism, Greenlight VR released their latest statistics about VR in the 2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Adoption Report. For the purpose of the study, almost 1,300 U.S. consumers got surveyed. The report deals with topics such as experiences and attitudes towards…

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