Alina Lisnevska

Alina Lisnevska is a MA student at FH Salzburg enrolled in the “Innovation and Management in Tourism” programme. Currently working on a project about Virtual Reality with a particular focus on destinations and whether VR yields to higher conversion rates than conventional images. Passionate about innovations in the technology world and development of the tourism industry; believes in the power of community to generate mind-blowing ideas.

360-degree Video Creation – Hardware and Software

Hardware for 360-Degree Video Creation To derive overall tendencies, available cameras for 360-degree content production can be clustered into three sections: budget cameras, often used by beginners, middle range cameras for ambitious amateurs and high-priced ones that are used by professional agencies or filmmakers. Beginners’ cameras These cameras are characterized…

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Virtual Reality: An Innovative Sneak Preview for Destinations

We finally published our research – Virtual Reality: An Innovative Sneak Preview for Destinations (Click here to see the full version) Virtual reality (VR) is a fast-developing technology, with a broad range of use. The tourism industry, more specifically destinations, may benefit from its potential in the near future. By…

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There is a tendency to confuse 360º videos with Virtual Reality

For example: “Does Media Agency XYZ offer real Virtual Reality productions?” Or: “Is Tech Company ABC working only on 360º cameras or proper VR equipment?” It is obvious, this often unclear definition leads to an ambiguous, blurry understanding among all participants. 360° videos and VR are completely different practices. We should…

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